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Arthur Bryant's Barbecue
You can order Sauce, Rub and see their BBQ restaurants and a movie

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Hawgeyes BBQ !!
Just about everything you could need for BBQ.  Over 130 different rubs.

Jambo Pits are the best smokers money can buy.  
Thatís a bold statement, but the results speak for themselves.  Many of the best competition teams in the country cook on our pits.  Thereís a reason those teams have chosen us since 1989; quality and consistency, and workmanship.  Jamie Geer isnít just a great pit builder, heís also a great cook. 

Lang Smoker Cookers
Lang Smoker Cookers

Oakridge - Serious BBQ Rub  
Purveyor of award winning gourmet handmade barbecue rubs and grilling spices, made in micro-batches for the utmost quality, freshness and consistency.  
Home of the best wild game venison rub on the planet.

Oklahoma Joes BBQ  
Oklahoma Joes BBQ in Kansas City, MO  Featuring Cowtown Barbecue Products

Ole Hickory Pits
Ole Hickory Pits manufactures and sells wood burning smoker ovens for use by restaurants, caterers, meat processors, food service operators, contest cookers, clubs and other commercial users.

Primo Grills and Smokers
Professional chefs and amateur BBQ fanatics agree, thereís only one way to cook it bestÖand thatís on a Primo ceramic grill and smoker

Rufus Teague made some sauce
Award Winning Sauce in a great looking bottle.

SpitJack - Tools for Food & Fire Whole Hog - Some say that this is the ultimate barbecue. Some say this is how barbecue first started. In any case, cooking a whole animal is quite an undertaking. It is a challenge to the team's (it is virtually impossible to cook a whole hog alone) culinary, logistical, engineering, endurance, and in many cases, drinking skills. The entire process can take over 24 hours.  Visit our web page and see all the other cooking tools we have assembled for you.

Stoker Temperature Control Systems by Rocks's BarBQue  
The Stoker is a device that controls your cooker similar to the way your oven is controlled. A temperature sensor is placed in the cooking chamber where you want your temperature controlled. A blower is placed so air is blown into the firebox. The Stoker turns the blower on and off to "stoke" the fire to keep the temperature sensor at the set point. You can add food temperature sensors to get your food at exactly the temperature you want. One Stoker can control several cookers or you can add as many food and pit temperature sensors as you need.

Summit Gloves  
Looking for the best glove for radiant heat and cut protection? The Fryer Glove, The Cutlery Glove and The Metal Mesh Glove.

The Slabs Rub - Perk up you pork  
Competition Quality Rub

Yoder Smokers - Competition Grade BBQ Products


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