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"What is the best commercial rub to put on anything?"


Well this one has been asked a lot. and so it has come time to include it in the "Frequently Posted Questions."  Each time this or similar a similar question about rub has been asked it turns into a mad scramble for all the manufactures of all the rubs to post their recommendations.  In addition to that,all the friends of the manufactures feel obligated to plug their friends rub  Also people who like a particular rub feel that they need to promote their favorite rub.  The problem is that every time it happens someone feels left out because they could not get their plug in for their favorite rub.

The fact of the matter is that the best rub is the rub that you think is the best rub and not the one that someone else thinks is the best.  So I have compiled a list of all the rubs I know of and here it is:

BRITU  (This one is free, I think it's great on chicken, and ribs.  A large percentage of the people who try it think it is too salty. Yet it has won many contests.)
Rib Stars
The Slabs
Ole Hickory Pits

Arthur Bryants
Mary's Gourmet
Oklahoma Joe's - Cowtown
Assmann's Finest Gourmet Seasonings and BBQ Sauces
BBQ Shack
Bone Smokers
Double Q
Head Country
Head Country
Dixie Dust
Dizzy Dust
Texas Rib Ranger
Flower of the Flame
Smoking in the Dark
Paradise Ridge
Texas Spices
Bilardo Brothers
Wizards BBQ
Bold-R. Dash
Ole Ray's
K.C. Cow Town
Blue Hog
Totaly Wild
Rock Ranch
Tom Ashton
Timmis Spice
Butt Rub
Smokin' Guns
OBQ Texas Spice
Lynch BBQ
Happy Holla
Western Sizzle
Uncle Earnies
Klondike Pete's
Hi Mountain
Caldarello's Italian Spice
Sniders Prime Rib and Roast
Daddy Hinkley's
Dynasty Chinese Char Siu
Paul Kirks
Red Monkey
Smokers Wild
Mike Lakes Rub

I will be more than happy to add any rub to this list that I have missed.  I am doing this to give fair and equitable representation to all the rub manufactures in the world.  If I have missed anyone please feel free to contact me and I will add them to this list.  I personally have tried about 80% of these rubs and find that they are all good and according to my taste some are better that others.  The rub that I think is good on pork is a rub that some think is great on brisket.  That is why the fun of the barbecue adventure is to try out as many of these rubs as you can afford and then choose the ones you like the best.  Maybe you will find a rub that tastes good but you might find that if you add something to it the it will taste better.   Maybe you might even want to make your own rub.  Enjoy the adventure.

If you are a listed manufacture, of any of these rubs and want to turn you listing on this web page ,into a link (like I did for the free BRITU) to  your website please contact me about advertising on this page.

Ray Basso


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