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"What is a WSM?"


This is a picture of a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker


It's a good cooker.  You will find three vents in the bottom portion and one on the top section.  Leave the one on top open all the time.   You can use the Minion method if you want.  You can put water in the water pan or you can put clean sand in the water pan.  I have been told they work about the same.  I prefer water.  If you use sand cover it with aluminum foil to make it easy to clean up.  Or if you use water then line the pan with aluminum foil before you put the water in to make it easy to clean up.  If you use water you will have to add some more water every couple of hours or so.  You can use a long spout watering bucket to add more water.  Do not attempt to take apart the cooker while it is hot and has hot water in it,  you might get burnt. Some people drill holes in the top portion to add a thermometer ( which voids the warrantee).  Some people just stick the probe of a thermometer into one of the holes in the top vent (this method dose not void the warrantee).   

You can buy a cover for it to protect it from the weather.  Or you can pull a large trash bag over the smoker and lift the top two sections when it doesn't have fire in it and catch the trash bag in between the sections so the wind doesn't blow the trash bag away.  I prefer to use black trash bags so there is a bit of color coordination.

You can control the temperature with the bottom vents.  Just leave them open until you get to the temperature you want the cooker.  Then close the three bottom vents down to level and maintain the temperature.  If the temperature goes below the temperature you want then open the bottom vents a bit. It's not very complicated, works well and it's a bit of fun playing with the bottom vents to see what the effects of adjusting the vents, has with the temperature of the cooker.  Most people like to cook at 225 to 250 degrees.  If you want smoke then add a few chunks of wood to the fire.  Don't add too much wood because the wood burning will add to the heat of the fire.

Reading the book that comes with it is a lot of help and follow the safety information.  You can also go to any search engine and search and find more information.  You also should clean your cooker before you use it unless you enjoy cooking with dirty equipment.

That's about it unless someone can suggest that I add something I have missed.  I could have written a whole web page telling you how to do things like, how to light the fire and other stuff like that.  However, this cooker is easy to use and that's part of the fun of cooking. 

Ray Basso


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