BBQ Forum People Handle's, Names's and BBQ Team affiliation.

The following was posted on the forum:

Posted by Rickwieser on April 12, 2004 at 22:46:09:

This may have already been done BUT I know I would like to put a name with a face and a team whenever possible. Especially during the upcoming BBQ competition season. Maybe even compile a list for future references. anyone that would like to participate please leave your Handle, Name and BBQ team affiliation. If you do not compete but judge put that down. Thanks to all who participate.
Rickwieser Rick Rucker Smokin Mother Ruckers CBJ

As a result a great many people posted this information. 

Rick compiled the data and this is the link to his data. In PDF format

Ford Allison also compiled the data and here are the links to his data by handle, state and team.
Newly updated by Ford


Thanks to all

Ray Basso