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Why should judges care (long)?

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Posted by nukenight on January 16, 2011 at 14:54:46:

In Reply to: Results: posted by Steve in Denver on January 15, 2011 at 21:51:45:

Since 2003, I have judged or been a table captain at nearly 100 KCBS contests. When I have the time, I have also cooked a few more contests. Nearly every year since 2003, I have seriously debated my reasoning for keeping my KCBS membership. For cookers, the value of being a KCBS member is obvious. For a judge, it is not so clear. I have to pay to join, pay to travel, and pay the time to judge. All I do is pay for my desire to judge good BBQ. Judges make no money and do all of this just for the love of BBQ. What can the board do for judges? Really, from a judge's perspective, not much. They are doing the business of BBQ contests. Judges are like baseball umpires. Fans want to see the players play the game. They don't want to see the umpires screw it up. I can frankly understand why judges don't care about the BOD election. It really doesn't affect them. Under the current structure, judges are more like unpaid employees who must march to the beat of the BOD but say nothing for fear of not being selected for their favorite contests. You want judges to get more involved in KCBS and vote in the election? Then you need to give them reasons to do so, like selecting judges of the year and make being a good judge mean something. Give judges a positive reason for being a member. That is the task of the new BOD. Blaming judges for everything is the easy way out. I think it is time to stop blaming and do something to bring all 14k members of KCBS into the big BBQ tent!

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