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KCBS promoting one event over others

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Posted by Ron Cates on February 04, 2011 at 17:28:07:

Would like to do a poll. Why can or would KCBS promote one event over the thousands that are sanctioned? I get broadcast e-mails, print ads, social media and full page websites on the Sam's Club event. I've promoted the worlds richest contests, gave away $400,000 last year in prize money but fight tooth and nail to get a 400 word press release in the magazine. How can KCBS support one event with all the marketing support and media while the other events have to scratch and claw to get exposure. Just saying if you do for one shouldn't we do for all. Why does Sam's club get special treatment. Again I gave away $400,00 last year. Got no support in marketing from KCBS. What's your thoughts.

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