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How much money are you giving to KCBS?

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Posted by crd26a on February 05, 2011 at 22:40:09:

In Reply to: KCBS promoting one event over others posted by Ron Cates on February 04, 2011 at 17:28:07:

Let me ask the dirty question - how much money are you directly giving KCBS? Yes, you're paying the sanctioning fee covering reps etc, but on top of that, how much money are you giving them directly? Have you bought any ad space? Bought any exposure in the Bullsheet? Have you gone to them directly and asked what it would cost to get the same level of exposure? Or do you expect KCBS to just grab onto your contest because the purse is 125k and shout it from the heavens that its the greatest contest ever invented?

If you look at the Sam's club series, they're giving out 400k. The most they'll get out of registration is $150k. So $250k is coming from them for prize money. Add in however much they have to pay to sanction 26 contests, provide Reps, and in how much they're probably paying in advertising, and I'm willing to bet they're giving KCBS a lot more money than you (I have no facts, its an educated guess).

Ron - I've heard nothing but great things about your contests (I have not attended one) and at some point I have no doubt that I will attend your contest as a contestant. But to what steps have you gone to promote, via channels at KCBS to offer advertising dollars and request press releases (also offering appropriate compensation) to the organization to promote the Las Vegas contest? All I know is, for whatever reason around one of your events, you always have a bone to grind with KCBS regarding how they handle you, your comp, or your sponsoring. Quit being a prima donna. They are FAR from perfect and I have my own issues with them as a member / competitor, but I'm willing to bet if you took a breath, asked how you could further you contest / promote it more and embraced some of those avenues, you'd get what you wanted.

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