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Re: It's not about cutting tank

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Posted by Juggy D Beerman on February 08, 2011 at 09:39:35:

In Reply to: It's not about cutting tank posted by BB on February 08, 2011 at 09:05:48:

Yo BB, I apologize if I appeared to be hijacking your earlier thread. All I was doing was rebutting some dangerous advice that could seriously injure or kill someone.

You will have to ask Ben Lang why he started using newly formed steel over used propane tanks. I can think of several advantages over using new formed steel over used propane tanks.

New steel is easier and more safe to work with. Cutting open a used propane tank is extremely dangerous. Besides exploding, the used tank can also tweak or lose its shape when the door holes are made. Sometimes the interior of used propane tanks can have rust or be pitted and this makes it harder to cut and weld. There is also the weight factor as new steel may not be as thick as the used propane tank that can be 3/8 thick. A lighter cooker does not require as heavy duty trailer that is required for a 250 gallon used propane tank. By no means am I stating that a used propane tank does not make a good cooker. They do make good cookers, just have someone who is experienced cut the tank open for you.

As to cooking differences, I have seen both sides of the argument of 3/8"-1/2" thickness vs 3/16"-1/4" thickness. With two cookers with the same design using steel of difference thicknesses, the heavier steel needs more time and heat for the cooker to reach cooking temperature. The heavier steel also will hold heat longer than the thinner steel cooker. They should cook exactly the same, but I could not tell you which one would use the most fuel cooking the same amount of meat at the same temperatures for the same amount of time. Perhaps this would be a good question to ask Dave Klose, (,as he builds the same models of cookers using different thickness of steel.

I hope some of this diatribe helps.



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