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Re: Here is what I am using.....

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Posted by kcmike on February 10, 2011 at 15:58:51:

In Reply to: Here is what I am using..... posted by Juggy D Beerman on February 10, 2011 at 09:55:31:

Yo, Juggy! Sure, I'd be happy to share my venison mix ratios.

Each time I grind venison, I make three mixes...

The first mix is my venison bacon burger. For this I use a ratio of 50/50 lean venison to smoked bacon. I just buy the 15 lb. box of cheap bacon from Rest. Depot and make 30 lb. batches of bacon burger each time.

Then, my second mix is a pork/venison burger. For this I use a ratio of 75/25 or 80/20 lean venison to boneless pork butt. I grind up the pork butt, fat cap and all. I use this for just about everything from burgers to chili and spaghetti.

Finally, with whatever I have left, I make lean ground venison with no additives. I like to have some of this around so I can always make it into whatever I want later by adding stuff to it. It's like an empty slate, so to speak.

My grinding procedure is pretty straightforward. First, I cut the meat into hunks that will fit into my grinder's size 22 feed chute. Then, using a special grinding plate called a "kidney plate" or also known as a two-holed spacer plate. Everything for the mix I'm working on gets ground into a large meat lug. Then, I hand mix the rough ground meat until it forms a uniform mixture. Then, I replace the kidney plate with whatever my final sized plate is (usually it's a 3.5mm plate) and a aluminum bag horn. Then, I take the rough chopped meat and feed it through the final plate right into poly meat bags premarked with the specific mix I'm doing.

It's very important to never over-grind your burger. That's why I only do two passes and the first pass really is just a rough chop into about a 1/2" dice. Over-processed burger is mushy and has a horrible chew to it even after it's cooked.

Holler with any questions.

Bohemian Pills to you,

Oakridge BBQ

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