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Sam's Club Series Double Dipping Revisited

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Posted by Phil on February 16, 2011 at 12:43:18:

After sifting through the long discussion on the BODís February conference call, it seemed that some clarification was in order related to the double dipping issue for the Samís Club series local contest team sign ups.

What was reported by MMA to the Board was that out of the 500+ sign-ups that occurred in the initial sign up period, there were only about a dozen occurrences of team members from the same cooking team
that started the registration process for more than one local Samís event. In all of these cases, during the initial registration clean up process, the KCBS staff was in contact with team members of these teams to clarify their intent.

In almost every one of these cases, the situation was that teams were anticipating that the local events would sell out very quickly and they intentionally tried to register in muliple local events to lessen their chances of getting shut out of the Samís tournament altogether. These teams had no intention of cooking in two local events, they were just trying to ensure that they had an opportunity to cook in one of the events.

In one or two cases, there were circumstances where team members who had cooked together over the past year or two were looking at cooking seperately in some contests in 2011 anyway, and they signed up in separate locals.

Even in those cases, after discussion with the KCBS staff, those team members agreed to to remove one of their two registrations submissions.

So after the intiial registration process and cleanup process closed, there were exactly zero occurrences of teams that were signed up OR on a waiting list in more than one local event.

There were many in the bbq community and at least one board member who apparently were ready to automatically assume that these dozen or so teams were all cheaters and that they should be banned from the Samís club series altogether, when in reality these teams were just trying to do whatever they could to get included and not get locked out.

So ironically, you have a board member ready to kick out a few teams from the tournament who are exactly the teams that were showing the kind of enthusiasm that KCBS should be embracing for this Samís event.

For those of you who jumped to conclusions, and were ready to string up some teams before you had all (or any) of the facts, hopefully youíll think twice about publicly blasting teams or team members next time.

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