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Re: Roadside sales

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Posted by grizmt on February 17, 2011 at 07:19:42:

In Reply to: Roadside sales posted by JR on February 16, 2011 at 16:03:31:

We see several roadside sales people and in fact a Kettle corn guy was on our corner last weekend. I personally know a guy who sets up his smoker most weekends and does very,very well.
Here's some things you MUST consider before you do it. First off, be sure you are in a place that does not create a traffic hazard. If cars are slowing down in the traffic lanes or having to stop on the side of the roadway the cops will shut you down and probably cite you. Secondly, the Health Dept. and their copious regulations. They've just instituted a crackdown here on roadside vendors, patrolling 7 days a week from dawn to after dark and even watching the social networking sites for advertisers.
There are tons of vendors selling Oranges, "fresh?" Corn and Tamales of dubious origins. One health inspector showed us his binder on violations when we went to get licensed and it included one of these Tamale vendors who was making 'em in his home kitchen taking meat out of a freezer that also contained a DEAD body! They say they've had enough of stealth vendors and have now equipped their vehicles with tow hitches and are now aggressively targeting roadside vendors. The penalties start with a minimum $750 fine, an embargo of your food AND they can impound your rig. On second offense you're likely to spend some jail time. On third offense they raise it to a felony.
Here you cannot sell like you do peoples choice at a comp, you have to have an enclosed rig like they sell at Xtreme Trailers with a fully screened in porch at a minimum and it better be licensed by the Health Dept.
If you follow the regs, pick your location well it can be highly profitable, if not it can be very costly $ wise as well as costing your freedom.

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