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Re: Slicers

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Posted by kcmike on February 17, 2011 at 14:09:47:

In Reply to: Slicers posted by pwendel7 on February 17, 2011 at 10:35:45:

IMHO, unless you are willing to shell out upwards of a grand or more for a slicer, the little $150 ones are just a waste of money. They are grossly underpowered, many of them won't even slice cheese, and their duty cycles are like 2 minutes.

What you need is a REAL knife. I know a bunch of folks on here get all wrapped up around the axle about their Forchner's or Cutco's or even Henckles or Wustof's... Here's a pro tip for you. Spend $80 bucks and get the knife pictured above. It's Japanese, made from Japanese super steel and you can cut a sheet of magazine paper in half in mid air with it right out of the box. Wustof makes one similar to it, however it's not near as sharp, doesn't stay sharp near as long and the Wustof blade is quite a bit thicker.

This MAC Superior knife slices brisket like a dream and will give you perfect cuts between your ribs. I'm not kidding. It's like a freakin' meat laser. It's a serious knife. However, it does take some special care because of it's unique characteristics. You can't put it in the dish washer, you must always use it on a soft wood or poly cutting board and you can't just throw it in your drawer with the rest of your knives. It also can't be sharpened by conventional means, but it can be sharpened. If you end up getting one, just email me and I'll tell you how.

The name of the knife is the MAC Superior 10.5" Bread Knife. You can only find it at a very small handful of internet retailers. If you can't find it by Googling, just email me and I'll shoot you some links.

This concludes my public service announcement for today. :)


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