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This Was My Question

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Posted by The Judge on February 23, 2011 at 20:03:48:

In Reply to: For those of you who answered yes to Ray's poll posted by Bunny on February 22, 2011 at 21:05:24:

Hey Gang,

The original question was regarding events like "The Jack", the "American Royal Invitational" and the likes. If you go into an event that is select, being only the best of the best, would you expect the judges to raise the bar a bit.

I first offered this question just after judging "The Jack". Based on some of the comments at my table, I thought it would be worthy of discussion here. I am sorry that Ray decided to abbreviate the question, as that simple process led to a lot of confusion. So, the real question is, at an event like "The Jack, the American Royal Invitational or Memphis In May," would you expect the judges to raise the bar a bit for their base line as to "average" or what ever you want to call it. In my history, I have judged the Invitational numerous times and it seems that the expectations are higher for that event than for the Open. The same rules and criteria apply, but the expectations are higher. Teams admit that some events are tougher than others, so why not judges?

It was just a question and nothing more. No accusations, or hidden meaning! What is amazing is the variety of input prior to this post. So many people are so upset with the judging situation that it seems that some attention is needed. But, when you have a base line criteria that gives everyone their "normal" or average, then you have the situation that every one will use exactly that. The system generates the spread on the scores. How can you grade, or hold a judge accountable for his scores when he is basing his scores on what he considers average? What is the norm for appearance? Yes, there are guidelines for a norm in texture, but what about taste. I for one expect across the board higher standards at an invitational event than the normal or lesser event. Everyone at an invitational has already proven themselves a champion. Thus, the expectations across the board would seem to be higher.

Just an opinion and observation! "Fire when ready, Gridley!"

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