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Posted by Grizmt on March 03, 2011 at 15:32:39:

Interesting new poll, I'm wondering if the people who've voted that over 20% of judges don't have the skills are solely competitors who are not pleased with how they were judged or if there are judges who think that as well? I do have to say that as a judge I'm not very happy that we're seen this way.

I'm trying to be fair when saying < 20% because I do believe it's not that they don't have the skills it's more along the line of they don't have the training or conflicts within the training they do have.
One example, you're told that scoring is from 2-9 and then 20 minutes is spent basically telling the class not to judge below a 5/6 because they worked hard and spent lots of $$ to get there so it'll insult the teams. So now they're to judge how hard teams work or spend? On giving 9's, not enough emphasis is put on the whens and hows of scoring a 9. I think many a newbie and maybe many an experienced judge are leery of giving a 9 because they think they might get something better or are killing off a team that's better. Yep, there's that comparative judging thing rearing it's head.
I don't think it's stressed enough that you can run into 3 different team samples that are all 9's for one reason or another, you don't have to pick just one "winner" and by giving 9's you may or may not have any effect on who wins, it depends on all the other scores as well.
Oh well, off my judges soapbox

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