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european misconceptions of international contests

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Posted by thorsten denmark on March 04, 2011 at 08:24:58:

Barbeque events and contests, unlike sports contests, do not centre around "national" level team can claim to officially represent a country in an international bbq contest... there is no official concept in the world of "national bbq team"...
In europe, bbq teams travel to american world championship contests, claiming to represent the whole country from where they come, in fact these teams cant claim they represent a whole nation, they merely represent a group of individuals who have formed a team... claiming to be a "national" team implies that such a concept exists ....which it does not!
The american international contests however, can claim the title of "international", since there are many foreign teams competing, but these teams only represent themselves, not the nations from which they come, therefore they cant be perceived as being "national" teams, although they imply they in fact are, to media & etc in their home countries
The european and even the american media, unkowingly, report to the public in a way such that listeners viewers and readers are led to believe that there in fact IS such a concept, of "national" bbq team ....although unknown as a concept in the united states, people are told by us media, that in europe we have national teams, which we do not!!!

what do you think??
best regards

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