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Posted by barb on March 11, 2011 at 08:21:56:

The IRS gets millions of phone calls or letters every day about someone who supposingly cheated on their taxes according to a ex-wife, ex-husband, ex employee, ex-employer, friend, relative, contractor, sub contractor, etc. etc., etc. Unless you have that person's social security number and exact details of the fraud including physical back-up, the IRS will just ignore it. They don't have the time or the manpower to investigate every allegation. Told to me by an IRS auditor. And as to having the social security number of a contractor- that is not suppose to happen. And if so, then there are bigger issues within KCBS. So anyway, someone threatens you with calling the IRS, just smile and say "okay, go ahead, I don't care" and just walk off.
Now, my opinion of the whole hooplah - both sides are showing their ignorance and childness. One side for threatening and the other for making a huge deal out of it. If I was a fairy godmother, I'd wave my magic wand over the whole board and turn them into turkeys. Then all day long they could all strut around with their chest puffed out - well at least until Thanksgiving.
My mother's wisdom - Two wrongs don't make a right and it takes 2 to tango.
Enough with the board.....can someone tell me how you get the thigh bone to fit into a muffin tin? Or do you not have a thigh bone?

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