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Test Cook on FEC 100

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Posted by Dave in Oklahoma on March 16, 2011 at 23:07:52:

I cooked a pack of ribs I've had almost a year in the freezer today on my new FEC 100. I used cookshack Hickory Pellets and cooked the following way,

These are the standard ribs you get at Sam's/Walmart.

I cut the St. Louis style and rubbed them with a local BBQ Restaurant's Brown Sugar/Chili Powder based rub and let them sit for about 1 hour then put in FEC100 at 180 temp.

This is the FEC settings
FEC cook 1 hour at 180 and ramped up the hold to 250

Qfter about 3.5 Hours (compensating for the 180 time) I sprayed with apple juice. put a thin layer of Brown Sugar (ala Trigg) and wrapped in foil for 2 more hours. I unwrapped sprayed with applejuice and cooked about 45 more mins and brushed on sauce and put back on for about 15 mins. let sit in cambro for about 45 mins and then started the slicing.

Now I know that these aren't close to comp quality ribs but the questions I have for you are your thoughts on the appearance of product from the cooking method. The big old ribs aren't straight but I want your thoughts as to were they too dark etc. I got a good "Bite" out of them not too tender not too tough. I thought there were 4 distince layers of flavor in the rib, (Sweet, Spice, Smoke and then Pork). They had a good firm texture on surface and a smooth bite once broken through. As the pics show they were very moist as well.

based on my opinion of the even layers of pleasing taste. and your observations, How would you Judge and any comments are welcomed.


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