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Re: Injected Pork Butts

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Posted by Gremlin Grill Pat on March 22, 2011 at 11:40:14:

In Reply to: Re: Injected Pork Butts posted by Raine on March 22, 2011 at 11:13:41:

If judges think chicken and ribs should be uniform in appearance, then either someone's telling them that's what they should look like (too much instruction from somewhere), or they just like that appearance better. If they just like it better, then they're not wrong in judging it higher.

if a judge doesn't like a chunk of thigh skin wrapping around his/her chin, then that judge has every right to score it down. A big bite of skin doesn't bother me at all, but that doesn't mean I'm right and the judge who likes bite-through is wrong. So we shouldn't tell them what they like. They can decide that for themselves.

If judges are getting the word out of what they like, and cooks are reacting to it, how is that wrong? More importantly, how could you possibly control it?

If a cook wants to turn in thighs that look nothing like thighs, that's a chance the cook is allowed to take. Turn in a pile of pulled chicken for all I care. How do you change that "problem" other than to dictate what a chicken entry "should" look like?

If some judges don't like that line of fat, you can't tell them they have to like it. I eat the fat vein, but I've never turned in brisket with that fat vein because I know: some people don't like fat. And while I believe the people who like fat might be mildly disappointed to not see it there, I think people who dislike fat will be downright turned-off by the site of it and kill me on the scores. I rolls the dice, I takes my chances. So are you suggesting we tell judges "Some parts of the brisket have a thick vein of fat in it. Don't score that down if you don't like fat"? You'd be telling people what they like. And you'd have judges wondering where the fat is on entries from teams who don't want to turn in the fat vein.

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