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Re: Injected Pork Butts

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Posted by Smokaholic on March 22, 2011 at 12:18:10:

In Reply to: Re: Injected Pork Butts posted by Gremlin Grill Pat on March 22, 2011 at 11:40:14:

I want comment cards from every judge. I want a double blind way to score those judges or at least a way critique or explain if they are judging not according to rules but something someone told them to score. I think judges should cook or cook along side teams before EVER judging a box. Show them our world through our eyes. A lot cooks take the class to judge but never do and even more take the class to judge and NEVER cook.

I have the kcbs body is looking in to how to better train judges. I applaud the effort but you can't train taste buds. Personal opinions of what the like or dislike shouldn't enter a judges brain. They should judge every piece as if it was their first taste of bbq with no preconcieved notions of what bbq should be. An impartial judge in a perfect world if you will.

If they hate that fatty vein don't effin eat that part, nibble a frickin corner. Why would a judge who hates fat bite that part, cause they are lookin for a reason to ding you which shouldn't ever happen. Bah this debate could go on for years lol. Its a carp shoot once you get in the top ten. Hell top 20, change a 7 to 9 for taste and blammo your top 10. But I tell u what people know good food and for the most part that's why you see the same top 20 guys in the top 20. They consistently put out consistently good bbq and the rest is carp shoot left to judges with personal tastes and by the law of averages those who cook 10 or more comps are going to get at least one gc as long as they are cosistently in top range.

My thumbs are tired and phone is smokin...I'm OUT.

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