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Re: Butt & Brisket foiling @ Comps ? Help

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Posted by Smokaholic on March 24, 2011 at 20:10:02:

In Reply to: Butt & Brisket foiling @ Comps ? Help posted by Dragline on March 24, 2011 at 19:31:35:

To foil or not to Foil? The Great Debate.
Several reasons to foil:
1. speeds up cooking time
2. broils it making it moist
3. you can put sauces rubs or what not in the bottom to add to profile.
4. it will hold temp when pulled off smoker.
5. the foil will hold that delicious juice in it for use later.
Reasons not to Foil:
1. Ruins Bark
2. eh uh people make fun of you calling it a Texas Crutch because they dont understand its "advantages" yada yada.

No seriously you can foil at any point I would say after it reaches 140 internal and then remove from heat anywhere from 185 to 210 internal. Its personal opinion. You can cooler it for HOURS if its wrapped in towels or whatever. I have coolered one for 4hrs and it dropped maybe 15degrees internal, still burnt fingers when slicing for turn in.

Now if you add juices to foil be careful cause they can make your brisket mush. Dont add pure pineapple juice your brisket will taste like pineapple.

I was a foil or die guy but learning how to give it up and introduce otherways to make it just as moist.

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