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Re: Cherry wood stump (long)

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Posted by peterN on April 05, 2011 at 22:39:47:

In Reply to: Cherry wood stump posted by Bob on April 05, 2011 at 18:41:30:

I understand your not wantin to cut it maybe out of fear for snagging your chain on a rock that is encased in the root.

Not sure what you're usin for a smoker and how large your burn box is. I assume your burn box is large enough to take the whole piec...but I'm not sure how much extra room you would have if you did put the large chunk in...

Anyway...I have noticed when I use wood with charcoal, a large piece of wood, when NOT SISTERED NEXT TO ANOTHER PIECE in the burn box can be controlled in such a way that it will smolder (rather than catching fire), but you do need a way to get to the chunk with tongs and you must be able to use a squirt bottle of water on the chunk a few times at the beginning of your cooking session.

So based on that statement, you could use the chunk assuming that it did not take up an inordinate amount of space in your burn box.

If the piece does catch fire, have a squirt bottle handy to douse the flame...if you don't have any other wood in there, the chunk will be less apt to relight if the chunk is allowed to char.
It seems as though (with this method) a well charred chunk is less apt to light up.

I am speaking from experience as I have done this...setting ONE large chunk of cherry into a burn box (with briquettes) fabricated from an oil may have to babysit the piece of wood with a squirt bottle, and even turn the wood with tongs, to develop an outer layer of char on the chunk...if the chunk catches fire, douse the part of the chunk with water and leave a layer of char on it after you have a layer of char, the char seems to morph into charcoal without flame...but you can't have other wood in there with the chunk because a second piece of wood, when sistered next to the first chunk, would encourage the first chunk to light.

One note of caution...I've only done this a couple of times, so I'm not 100% sure this works all the plan to have a way to get into the chunk to remove the chunk if the chunk does happen to flame up uncontrollably.

If you can get in there with tongs and water, I am 70% confident this will work.

Good luck

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