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Peculiar for sure, but here's another perspective

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Posted by IndyDave on April 12, 2011 at 15:23:26:

In Reply to: Re: 2012 Proposed Rule Change posted by Smokaholic on April 12, 2011 at 14:58:56:

If this is truth and not urban legend, I'd have to agree it's peculiar. Now, I understand that some of the cooks who participate on this board become more than a little unsavory toward judges, but I'll let you vent your spleens as long as you don't turn them in on contest day!

As a Master Judge and Cert. Table Captain, I can tell you there is a real benefit for including more than the required 6 pieces, but to require it, I believe, works to the disadvantage of those who have already figured this out. I don't share this in order to get a snack for the contests I TC, but hope to give some of the cooks a different perspective.

Point #1: If I am the judge on the end of the table, and the last one to receive my sample for a given category (usually for chicken & ribs, but also for brisket), there is something psychological to actually having a choice, rather than to just take what's left. I think most of us would make a split-second decision to grab the piece (whether it be a brownie, rib or dinner roll) that looks the best to us. Right there, you have a positive psychological experience for that final judge at the table, just because he/she had a choice.

Point #2: Getting into the habit of including more than 6 pieces is a little insurance for that it-happens-to-other-teams-not-to-me of pieces not being completely cut through. I say that insufficient number of pieces is the most preventable and worst reason for a DQ -- worse than being late for turn-in.

Hey, that's my .02, but I'm just a lousy, stinkin' judge, so I leave you to your own opinions, both positive and crabby.

Good luck to you all this season!

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