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Come on, man

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Posted by Leedawg on April 19, 2011 at 20:18:33:

In Reply to: Poll about using real names when postting message posted by Ron Cates on April 18, 2011 at 16:17:04:


Sir, I do not know you. Nor have I ever had the opportunity to compete in any of your contests. I am sure, based on several of my friends here in KC's opinions, that you put on a good show. I would have no reason to believe anything different.

And before you go into the "Have you registered to beat the best for the most money ever" or whatever that spiel (sp) is, my wife and I are expecting in June, so May in Vegas does not work for my team from KC.

Who exactly are you all worked up about as it relates to "not posting with a name"? You know as well as I and most people on this forum that most all of us know each other and who the others are. I have many friends that post as their name, their team name, or, in my case, their nickname.

As the marketing guru that you portray yourself to be, why would you or your organization worry about such a rogue few that seem to be the reason for your original post above?

Man, chill out. You are very well respected by many people that I know, I would love to compete in one of your events, and am sure that we will be able to soon. Don't trip on people that don't have the nuts to post their name. Obviously you have the teams to prove that you can pull this Vegas thing off, and I truly hope that it leads to much larger events and exposure.

Good luck, Ron. I know that you will do well, don't sweat this small stuff. It's just not worth it.

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