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Re: answer this. I apologize to the forum for this d

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Posted by Mrs. McFrankenboo on May 20, 2011 at 13:10:52:

In Reply to: Re: answer this. I apologize to the forum for this d posted by grizmt on May 20, 2011 at 10:51:57:

Yup, so much for a "detente". I'm not defending anyone, because as you said, you weren't aiming this at anyone. But I am sick and tired of people that put stuff on these forums to try to skew peoples opinions. That is called stirring the pot.

As for your son, he got himself kicked out of judging. He made several mistakes in the tent before that. Oh, and if I have enough clout to get someone kicked out after one comment, I am certain we would have a different president in our country. YOur son isn't allowed to judge because he made mistakes, apparently enough to get people to notice and feel that he wasn't fit for the job. Where is the accountabilty? You seem pretty damn good at blaming everyone else. You say you're not stirring the pot yet you want to make a public spectacle. You always play the victim but then you go on the defensive. You're the instigator and when anyone opposes you, you attack them. But you're right, I am the devil in all of this and you deserve none of the blame.

Why don't you tell everyone how you threatened to tell my mother that we were moving out of state or how you flat out threatened to make problems for us at an event that we were competing in that YOU JUDGED! Again, where is that accountability?? Or what about how you are always telling people that you can tell certain peoples boxes from someone elses?? Judging with preconceived notions like that doesn't make for a good judge now does it? Shall I end this with a devil emoticon because you're real good at those...

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