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Trailer question

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Posted by DegŁello BBQ on May 23, 2011 at 07:24:30:

On our way home from Middletown Saturday night we had a blowout on our single axle travel trailer on the Interstate. Fortunately we kept the trailer under control and were able to clear the traffic lanes and eventually got assistance from Fairfax County VA police. The next day I looked at the tire and found it had excessive wear on the inner tread (trailer and tires have about 3,000 miles on them total). Something told me to check the opposite tire and it had the identical wear pattern.

I know that overloading or a bent axle can cause such wear. However, I went through ALL our gear and cargo and calculated the total carrying weight with about a 20% addition to account for anything missed. Even with that number I still came up short of the GVWR.

Asking for input from the forum if there's anything anyone may be aware of that could cause such a wear pattern in such a short period of time beyond overload or a bent axle. I'm glad I found the wear on the other tire before we had a really serious issue but hoping we don't have something going on.

Talk about a bad luck weekend. Out of the money at Middletown AND stuck two hours on the side of the Interstate with a flat. Won't even get into the anonymous note left on our trailer saying it was illegally parked while we were loading and that it was "a danger to children and animals......."

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