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i saw it

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Posted by i saw it on June 01, 2011 at 12:42:39:

In Reply to: Results form the Ultimate BBQ Showdown posted by Texas Jerry on May 31, 2011 at 16:27:39:

i saw it. i suppose the premise of the show was to get four of the best bbq cooks to compete in a two meat showdown in front of the entire nation. with that in mind, here is what i observed.


packed his special sauce in a bowl with press on top rather than container with a screw on top. carried it all the way from california in the tool box. spilled and may have ruined his electric drill. attempted to make a sauce but was fairly apparent after the judges tasted it that he didn't know what he was doing. spent lots of time taking the fat off the skin of the chicken thighs but forgot the breast skin which chris lilly used as bubble gum.

myron mixon,

may have taken the whole thing for granted. myron doesn't have to prove anything to anybody. one judge says white chicken too dry, the others say it is fine. go figure.


are you kidding me? you don't want the competition to see how you put the rub on your ribs. took the honey out of a perfectly good container and put in one that he squeezed the top off of not onece but twice drenching his ribs.


second time on major tv. first time over cooked his chicken and put the wrong seasoning on one of his meats. greenwood was not kind to him. this time didn't get to the cook with the probe for his guru to use on his stumps. in so doing, he proved that you can't get a stumps over 225 without the guru. fortunately shannon came up with the idea of turning the stumps into a backwoods which worked. you go girl!!!!!

anyway, it was fun and i enjoyed it. i am sure all the food was great but one would have expected a bit more precision from the best of the best. i know mistakes happen but 50K on the line.

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