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Re: BOD/Rules Question

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Posted by grizmt on June 13, 2011 at 09:06:58:

In Reply to: Re: BOD/Rules Question posted by Steve in SW MO on June 12, 2011 at 22:21:36:

I knew I'd regret asking, hmmm, people who don't want to know me.... I'm
It seems it's better to excoriate judges constantly, rip reps, roast certain board members but god forbid someone has questions about and/or questions the honesty of any contests and the organizer rules.
Doesn't it seem just a bit ironic to anyone that there's a rules committee discussing rules that could have a direct effect on their own future business?
Doesn't it seem just a wee bit conflicted that there are team members who are best buds of promoters (seemingly) helping to decide on something that can have a direct impact on their buddies business practices and direct profit?

I'm the first one to say there's many honest upstanding,honest promotors out there, I've had the honor of meeting some of them but what of the ones that aren't? What of the ones that clearly want to walk the fine line of propriety and occasionally step over the line when it benefits their wallet? Y'all certainly can't be so naive to think with all the $$$$$ that change hands that everyone is on the up and up or is it easier to just turn a blind eye collect your GC or RGC and play on thinking "it didn't affect me this time so I don't care"?

Yeah, I guess I'm a jerk for wondering why conflicts of interest aren't thought about when it has to do with thousands of dollars and an organization that should be above reproach shunning anything that even smells like a conflict of interest or gives the perception that there's "funny business" going on. I'm a jerk, that when our integrity is challenged without evidence or hint of wrongdoing so we open the whole can of worms to examine each one for dirt.
You know many of y'all say the exact same things sitting around your smokers at comps, c'mon, be honest now, I've heard it!
Does the saying about "what's good for the goose" ring a bell? Or,to quote another famous line "I hear things"....

Ok, I'm off my soapbox. Y'all can return to the important job of the nefarious nibblegate conflict, judges taking home meat and burning the drinking judges at the stake!
I'm sorry I bothered everyone...

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