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Posted by TippyCanoe on June 15, 2011 at 11:53:35:

In Reply to: I have an opinion as well !! posted by Anita Moore on June 14, 2011 at 09:32:27:

Ok, so Scotty resisted the bait (proud of you by the way :)) but I'm not going to.

Before I say this let me start here...I don't neceassarly agree with Scottie on the issue, however, like him I wouldn't compete in this contest. I don't compete to be profitable, however, if every contest had an $85 purse I would just go back to camping and cooking for my friends and family every weekend. It's a lot cheaper and close to home. No way I could justify spending $500 bucks a weekend to go "camping" and have some judges evaluate my cooking (my friends and family are much more appreciative). I disagree with Scottie in the fact that I don't think this is necessarily all bad for our sport, it is likely that some will enter this event and get hooked and that's a good thing. If this type of contest starts to become a trend in an area I would have more concern ie, all contests in WI.

With that said to come on here and write this and to complain to the board about supporting Scottie's foundation is rediculious on multiple levels. Last I checked this isn't first grade...because he doesn't want to cook in your event KCBS shouldn't give to his very deserving cause? Seriously, this is your position? KCBS is not sponsoring his team as you indicate above, they are giving to his foundation which supports cancer research. We're glad your event was a success but this is childish and uncalled for.

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