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Re: Rio Rancho NM

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Posted by grizmt on June 25, 2011 at 20:56:35:

In Reply to: Re: Rio Rancho NM posted by Raymond on June 25, 2011 at 15:42:45:

Ok, my interest is piqued and I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. When it was "found" was it before or after awards? If prior to awards what was done? I'd figure they would (should) do the same thing as if they dropped one except give it 9's in all categories and recalculate the field and adjust your position. If after awards (it would really interest me for several reasons if it took THAT long) you'd think that they'd bump you to wherever you now belonged on the list and adjust the other teams standing accordingly.

Another question I've got is did anyone ask you if you meant to not turn in that clam? I've been at several comps where a team didn't turn in one category and the reps went to ask if it was intentional (knew it'd be late, ruined product etc). I didn't know exactly why they asked but now it makes sense as a way to avoid what happened to you.
In IBCA there's that lotto ticket to prove you turned in and in PNWBA they've got the bar codes that are scanned directly into the software so there's a trail.
When it was found, what happened??
In my opinion there's always room for improvement in any process, especially contests where multiple things have to happen in sequence and there can be ooopses at multiple spots in that sequence.

As an example, I'd found that if a table captain or judge wanted to that at many KCBS events a clam could be tracked from the time it hit the turn in table to the time it hit a judging table. Many of the events do not have enough tent walls blocking the ability for a judge to see the teams walk up, the clam placed on the tray and then when it's in the tent it's relatively easy to watch it from there. If it's a table captain it can be done at most any event since they usually have everyone lined up right there and after that it's not very hard to manipulate a certain box to your tray if you so wish.
I thought of an easy solution to fix the issue but I've not seen it put into place as of my last comp. It goes without saying I let some officials know of my discovery straight away. I do love figuring out processes and their flaws.
I then made the bad, bad mistake of pointing out this flaw in the system while speaking to some cook team "friends". Now that I think about it more, if someone wanted a clam to "get lost" it would be relatively easy using part of the process I outlined above to get the clam in your hands, once there it's a short process to get it gone. 

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