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Re: BOD Agenda

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Posted by Grizmt on July 15, 2011 at 06:40:54:

In Reply to: Re: BOD Agenda posted by TN-bbq on July 13, 2011 at 22:58:31:

The Reps are charged with maintaining the integrity and honesty of a bbq competition and insuring the written rules are followed. The BOD is charged with maintaining the organization, adjudicating conflicts and adding/deleting rules as needed. Some of the reps have over reached their mandate in my opinion. When it comes to complaints the first litmus test a rep should use is "does this violate and current rule?" If the answer is no then their job is to let the complaining team know that no violation exists and if they wish to go further they may submit a complaint to the BOD or lobby for a rule change. If a rule violation does exist then it's handled according to KCBS rules.

Reps are NOT police or behavior judges nor should they be. In this instance it was the organizer who should have dealt with the situation, in my mind it's their job to maintain order outside KCBS rules (quiet time violation if there was one).
This "complaint" process has gotten completely out of hand and now there are some who've found all they have to do is raise some bogus complaint or get a few of their buddies to do the same and the team/judge are presumed guilty and removed. No investigation, no proof just an allegation. This can severely alter a competition possibly in the favor of the complaining person and needs to stop. Unless there's clear evidence of a major rules/safety violation that requires removal all complaints should be noted and adjudicated after the comp when ALL sides can be heard.
Just my opinion....

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