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Re: really surprised at the poll results

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Posted by Gremlin Grill Pat on July 20, 2011 at 10:18:39:

In Reply to: really surprised at the poll results posted by ulikabbq on July 19, 2011 at 22:48:27:

I voted no, but did so because of logistics, not because I don't think there should be divisions. The idea of separate divisions arises from the fact that the playing field rarely is level. The teams that spend a bazillion dollars and can compete every weekend have a distinct advantage over teams that don't have those resources. Race teams at Lakeside Speedway would probably love to "compete against the best," but there isn't much point if the best have a $15 million operation and they can only swing $30k. Sure, once in a while one of those field-fillers will get a win, but it's rare and odds are stacked against it.

The most popular response to the problem, although I have no idea why, seems to be, "Tough noogies. If you want to win, spend the time and money that the professional teams spend, or remain a field-filler and quit complaining." But how many barbecue teams have cooked a contest or two and then gave it up because they found unappealing the thought of working and paying only to make sure the high-dollar teams have higher pots and qualifiers? People keep calling competition bbq a sport, but every other sport has different levels. Start in ARCA, work your way up to the Sprint Cup. Start in A ball and work your way up to MLB. A new or low-$$$ barbecue team competing is like a high school baseball player being expected to step up to the plate against CC Sabathia, then is told he only has himself to blame when he's no match.

The problem is it'd be a huge undertaking to set up, manage and especially police the two divisions. But pro teams whooping up on amateur teams does little to help advance the hobby. Ultimately, however, itís just barbecue. Cook well, eat well, have fun.

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