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Re: interesting BOD podcast

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Posted by Bbqczar on July 23, 2011 at 15:11:14:

In Reply to: Re: interesting BOD podcast posted by Tarheel on July 23, 2011 at 06:13:55:

I like KCBS,I like it alot.I like the teams,the reps(EVERY one I have dealt with have been great!),the scoring system,the Bullsheet,etc. What I don't like is the childish,rediculous,bickering,the good o'l boy,backroom dealings,and the closed door sessions,that should NEVER be allowed,IMHO.The organization could be great,but it seems to be getting torn apart in alot of ways and I am afraid if it doesn't get corrected it could spell the end for KCBS.I know some will say that will never happen,ok,well maybe it won't,but that doesn't help or correct the rediculous things that have been going on at the BOD level lately.I have been told by one BOD member that speaking your mind about the BOD and questioning the BOD (which EVERY paid member should do,and has the RIGHT to do)is simply "bashing" the KCBS and does no good for anyone,does that sound proper from a BOD member ? I think there surely is some way to get control and a handle on the BOD and put this unprofessional,questionable dealing, stuff to rest,right,or is that not possible and the fact that not enough complain, and want change, so things will just continue,or get worse ? I have been on 2 BOD in my life and neither were like this,not even close.I know there ARE BOD that are like KCBS,but just because there are doesn't make it right.KCBS is a GREAT organization,the MEMBERS make it great,the BOD on the other hand sure do give it a black eye ! IMHO

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