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Re: conficks of intrest

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Posted by Grizmt on July 25, 2011 at 06:44:40:

In Reply to: Re: conficks of intrest posted by Butcher Boy on July 24, 2011 at 18:11:19:

And it seems that the same people seem to do their best to stifle any questioning of the BOD or contests via attacks both personal on this board and via comps. I got my head handed to me for asking basically this same question a few weeks ago. Have you ever considered that maybe these people who're voicing their questions on here have TRIED to go through channels to affect change or maybe just want to see if their thoughts are somehow valid or if others are seeing what they're seeing? A good example is Quartzite Az, the shenanigans that are going on there would have never changed had they not come to light in the news and got the general public involved.
Same thing here, unless the general membership stands up and says ENOUGH of the good old boy crud and allowing those in power be it organizers or BOD members to use KCBS as their personal money generator then these things will keep happening.

I think BOD members should have to suspend all bbq related activities not directly related to the running of KCBS just like the president has to put everything into a blind trust while in office. I think promoters/organizers should NEVER be allowed to compete in their own contests nor should any team,judge or rep be stopped from participating in any event unless a provable rules violation has occurred. Maybe like the red flag at a football game, if someone makes an accusation of wrongdoing to stop someone from attending an event and it's found to be B.S. then THEY get sanctioned. If it's done multiple times by the same person/persons then there's a further penalty.
Let the attacks begin!

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