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Re: 2010 Rules

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Posted by Quau on July 25, 2011 at 14:34:19:

In Reply to: 2010 Rules posted by Don, Dueling Bubbas on July 25, 2011 at 13:29:42:

Don: What the Jack sends out is not a legal document or a contract, it is an invitation! If it were a legal document and they wanted to nullify the "only domestic wins apply" clause from the 2009 packet it would say, to the effect of, this document supersedes all previous rules. Since it does not it would be treated as an addendum or addition to previous documents. Again it isn't a legal document. However, the Jack people have stated that the "Only Domestic wins apply" clause has been in effect for some time. I would tend to believe that means since Sept 1st 2008, at a minimum.

The reason I started this was that Jack Daniels was getting bashed and accused of making up rules on a whim. By pointing out that the 2009 cook's packet contained the "only domestic wins apply" to the 7 win and in rule, I was hoping those who were bashing the Jack would stop. I happen to think the Jack is a great contest and would hate to see it go away because of a flood of controversy!

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