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CBBQA and the Jack, IMO this has gotten serious.

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Posted by Grizmt on July 26, 2011 at 05:15:55:

After reading Harry's letter to Jack Daniels what concerns me is not the letter but who is included in the distribution of the letter. Harry, you know I respect and like you and Benny and think you're tops at what y'all do and agree with your right to question their decision but to include the "Chief Diversity Officer from Browning Ferris" seems to "insinuate" that there's some kind of racial thing going on. At first I blew it off as a shot gun approach but this racial line of thought was continued in a later post (that was ditto'd at 8pm last night) on the forum as follows:
From the CBBQA: "Simple fix. Harry needs to change his name to Harry Smith. I think we all know what's going on here. Makes be beyond mad, sick, profane. This is ridiculous. Who made this decision?"

This begs the questions,
1. Is this a race question because it's being held in TN?
2.Would this line have been taken if it were a west coast comp?
3.Is inserting race into BBQ now the answer to getting what you want?
4.I hope I'm wrong but what other reason would there be to including the Chief Diversity Officer of a major corporation in this?
5. The most important question, would anyone really want to get into the comp this way?

I'd thought I seen and heard it all in the last year but this really,really disturbs me and saddens me greatly! I thought this BBQ family was above all this and it saddens me to think that some might have the idea that racism has a hand in who competes in one of the most prestigious contests in the nation.
This direction or insinuation could easily kill the Jack as B.F. decides it's not worth the controversy and the natural worries of some kind of legal action/bad publicity that could start up when these type of accusations fly.

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