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Re: CBBQA and the Jack, IMO this has gotten serious.

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Posted by Quau on July 26, 2011 at 11:09:18:

In Reply to: CBBQA and the Jack, IMO this has gotten serious. posted by Grizmt on July 26, 2011 at 05:15:55:

When I initiated the below thread about the Jack Qualifying controversy, I did so because I saw the Jack being of accused of changing rules to the detriment of one team. There is sufficient evidence that the rule that "only domestic wins apply" has been in place for some years. In my hand I have the 2009 JACK rules packet that includes the clause and the Aug. 2008 issue of the Bullsheet had the clause as a rule. Below, several teams, that have competed for years have confirmed their understanding that the rule has been "only domestic wins apply." More importantly, Jack Daniels has confirmed that the rule has been in place for several years, what possibly reason would they have to be untruthful? It makes no sense for them to be accused of adding the "Only Domestic wins apply" clause in just the past few weeks.

All of this controversy is based on the false premise that Jack Daniels changed its qualifying rules to keep a particular team out. This is not true! All of this could have been avoided if the team in question had done a little research, made a few phone calls, or asked some of us who have been to the Jack a few times. On the contrary, now we have accusations that Jack Daniels has some kind of vendetta against a team. Get real! These people that organize the Jack BBQ have other duties at JD, they are now going to have to explain what the heck these letters which the corporate headquarters received are all about.

We have heard for years that Brown and Foreman may not see the value of having the world championship BBQ contest. Lets hope this is not the straw that breaks the camels back. I would not like to see the Jack go away just because one team jumped to the wrong conclusion!

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