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too many regulators...?

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Posted by JohnT on August 12, 2011 at 21:28:26:

Hello all,

My in-laws in PA have their entire house plumbed for liquid propane gas, and even had a dedicated LPG line plumbed under their outdoor deck for their gas grill. For years they have been complaining about low heat (300F max) on their original Weber. They even bought a new Charmglo last year- same thing! It was only yesterday that I actually took a top-to-bottom approach and checked everything out. Aside from a tiny spider nest in just ONE venturi tube everything seemed fine - except what I think is an "extra" regulator in the line. See, the giant outdoor LPG tank has a first-stage regulator on top connected to the tank via a "pigtail" copper tube, then there is a buried pipe going to the house but right before the house entry point there is a second-stage regulator. Finally, there is the "standard" propane gas grill regulator (which I think is the "extra" one) right at the grill with the outputput going to the grill. My father-in-law disagree on whether this third regulator is necessary and in fact I think it doesn't belong in this application be wise the outdoor second stage is already doing its job and his low flame has been caused by "over-regulation". Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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