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Re: A man, a plan, a BBQ; questions

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Posted by CivilWarBBQ on August 22, 2011 at 00:31:30:

In Reply to: A man, a plan, a BBQ; questions posted by snakeseare on August 21, 2011 at 23:05:20:

My first question is what do you mean by "Texas ribs"? This moniker is applied to both beef and pork cuts of various types by supermarkets so it doesn't mean much. Cook time is going to depend on what cut meat you actually have. Your grill setup will also have a major impact on cooking time. Are you cooking indirect (burners below the meat turned off) or grilling direct (burners below the meat turned on)? For direct cooking, if you add sauce during cooking the sugars will likely burn before the ribs are tender, so don't baste until the very end.

Trying to steam with the apple juice isn't going to add significant moisture in your gas grill IMO. Won't hurt anything since you have it anyway, but don't expect a lot there. You'd be better off using a dry pan filled with some wood chips to put some smoke flavor from your gasser.

Lot's of other stuff that could be said, but the best advice is to Google up a recipe for gas grill ribs and start with that as a guide. Once you try a couple different methods, you'll have a better idea of what works for your equipment and personal taste.

Good luck!


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