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Re: A man, a plan, a BBQ; questions

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Posted by Bob T. on August 22, 2011 at 09:34:38:

In Reply to: Re: A man, a plan, a BBQ; questions posted by snakeseare on August 22, 2011 at 00:54:53:

I agree with the answers you have been given thus far. I am not a marinade cooker but a lot of cookers do it with fine results. I go for the dry rub with sauce in the last 30 minutes sometimes. For contests, I put the sauce on right after I take them off. Gotta have sauce for the judges in my area otherwise I wouldn't sauce.

I too am not sure what Texas ribs are. I am going to assume you have spares. If they are cut St. Louis style, which I recommend, at 225 it will take 4-5 hours.

To test for tenderness there are several methods. The tear test is the most dependable but in competition we don't want to tear normally so we use toothpicks to gauge how easily they go in. You will also see the meat pull back on the bone as an indicator of doneness. You can also use a thin probe thermometer such as one by Thermoworks and go in the side of the rib between the bones to check temp. Temp is an indicator of doneness but not tenderness.

Your grill method is correct. I started out in the backyard on a grill. Use wood chips as someone else advised. On a gas grill, make a little container out of foil. Some soak the chips, I don't. Some wrap the chips and poke holes, I don't. I make a little boat and put it close to the flame but not so close the foil burns. Oak isn't going to do much for you. It won't hurt however. I use lump charcoal and it is made of oak. Try hickory, apple or pecan depending on the flavor you want. I use a mixture. The ribs will only take smoke for about 2 hours then after that, don't bother.

I also wrap my ribs after I get the color I want. That helps steam them so if you want to steam them with juice, that is the time to add a small amount in the foil. Speaking of juice, spray the ribs every half hour with apple or something to keep them moist.

Hope this helps. Good luck. Nothing beats a great rib!

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