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What it means to be Grand Champion

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Posted by DennyQ on August 22, 2011 at 21:49:46:

I want to start by saying it is not me, we have won but never big enough to be invited to the Royal... I get to live and cook in Colorado and spend much of the year with names of Trigg, Kelly, Don and Donny, Mikes, Bobs, Doug n Doug, Mark Mark n Mark, Mark and Mark. The list goes on, just know it ain't easy winning in the Rocky Mountains. I also need to let you know that there is an art to winning, and these teams are nothing but class. I truely would rather cook with their wives than the boys, we play with fire while they get it done. "Mamma Knows." I thank God for my Julie and for pulling me out of the fire and for letting me cook as much as I did this year. It has been more about the people than the food for me this year.

Well last year we started the string of summer accidents and lost our truck and trailer in July and had to rebuild. Then in September, I learned I had throat cancer. Today I am cancer free and actually started my first day of teaching middle school again after 11 months of beginning my treatments. I was helped each day through the grace and love of my family and friends, especially those whom I live with-not only on the road but in the road. My BBQ family was with me every step of the way and more today and I will forever be grateful to belong to such a steward group of folks.

Recently I have learned of another friend with a four year old son, Riley, he has a brain tumor.

"Riley has a Diffuse Pontine Glioma called a DIPG growing on his brain stem. It is putting pressure on the rest of his brain causing the symptoms we were seeing. This type of tumor is inoperable because it is spread throughout the healthy tissue of the Pons. The Pons controls involuntary things like heart rate, breathing, and swallowing.

This is the worst type of tumor because it has a 0% survival rate. Being told that your child has a death sentence is the most heartbreaking thing you can ever experience."-this was taken from his CaringBridge page.

I sit here and cry and I know that does not help, so I pray and cry some more. I think it may be easier to have cancer and decide to make each breath count than to watch your loved ones deal with those moments.

Well, Julie and I have decided not to just sit and watch. We vended the Dillon contest and gave RIley some "fun" money we made. This is where it gets good. Over the Fence was also a sponsor of the contest and for the last three years we have given the Grand Champion a Traeger Grill. No greater joy than giving your friends something they may never really need but always will remember.

Well this year Smoke N the Rockies won. Doug n Doug and their beautiful wives gave us back the grill they had just won. I have never been so proud to know such Grand Champions. I am still overwhelmed with what took place in those thirty seconds. It is still hard for Julie and I to talk about it, please know these are my Grand Champions.

We will see Riley and his parents on Labor Day for a very special Family Camp. There I will deliver a check for $1500, $1000 for the grill and $500 from us.

My real goal was to let you know how special my friends are, not only my Dougs, but the whole Rocky Mountain BBQA.

If you want to help- you must act now. Christmas will be too late...

I have set up an account at CHASE for Riley:
(I don't want to touch the money, I just want to give it away)

Please contact:

Christine Maddox
Small Business Specialist
13781 Colorado Blvd
Thornton, CO 80602

if you want to follow Rileys story:

if you want to follow mine:

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