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Small Rib Cooker Help

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Posted by Kelly on September 09, 2011 at 11:27:32:

A local bakery has asked me to cook up to 40 slabs of spares every weekend for sale out their drive in window. They don't want anything more than a day old so ribs for Friday have to get cooked on Thursday, and Saturday's ribs need to be finished on Friday. I would like to have a warming box that can warm some of the cooked slabs, that has a damper that could be opened to cook a few butts while the ribs are cooking in the main cooking chamber. Tuning plates in the main chamber would be fantastic, but I know that's a lot to ask. Needs wheels so I can roll it on and off a trailer. My experience ranges from $1000 BassPro stick/lump burner, to Stump's GF234 Combo (twin fireboxes and cooking chambers), to a Large Big Green Egg (current) and some WSMs. I tried hanging ribs in the Stump's and didn't like the result. I only cook ribs flat now, even in something dinky like the BGE.

I've found a couple that fit my needs but not my budget. Used is fine. Close to Georgia is a must. I can go $2000, or a little more if it's close to perfect. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. Y'all help me out! What kind of cooker will work best for this job? Do you know of a used pit that will do this job?

Another question on pricing... I can get spares at $8.00 each in a box of 9.The bakery wants to sell them for $20 a slab. Oak and hickory is free. Lump is crazy expensive but easy to handle. It's only economical in an air-tight cooker like the Egg or Stumps. I have no idea about pellets. Is fuel other than wood going to eat up all my profit? What kind of money split should I do with the bakery? Should I price a little higher than $20? I will be pulling membranes and trimming St. Louis style. Meat on the chine bones will go into sammiches and some ABTs as the day winds down. I figger about $4.00 for a large pulled pork sammich (basically made with waste meat).

Thanks for your help in figgering this out and getting started! I should have kept my GF234 Combo but I had no idea I would ever need such a large cooker again, back when I had a job, a business, and some money. That's another sad story...

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