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Posted by Johnny on October 03, 2011 at 12:15:43:

This is about judging. So I'm a cook and I"ve been through the KCBS judging certification , and judged a few contests. What I got out of the judging class was swearing an oath, how to look for a disqualification ( wrong garnish or foriegn object in box), and how to fill out the score card, and paying 60 bucks for for a shirt pin that says i'm certified to judge. Cool, now i'm qualified to judge team's entries! wouldn't be way better, if i had to cook with a team a a sanctioned contest, after being certified, before I was allowed to judge. And even then, maybe just be a volunteer for a couple of contest before I was allow to sit at a judging table? How about this approach, and if you want to be a master judge, how about you do 30 contests and cook with a team for 3 or 5 more contests, before you are a master judge?
I just feel like the whole sanctioned contest and bbq in general has gotten really big in the last few years. And the teams are putting in more time, work, and effort into each contest now than ever before. The cost of doing a contest is probably greater than it has been ever bofore, and the whole deal is growing ( this is a really great and an amazing thing for bbq, and an American tradition).
So, In short, i think we need better training for judges. I know it's hard to even find enough judges for some comps, but overall I would love to know that when I go to a contest, and spend lots of money to get ther, and weeks of trial runs in prepatation, that I've got people that really know what bbq is. And not just how to fill out a score card and spot red leaved lettuce.
What does everyone think about this? I think since the Kcbs is growing so much now, it's time to put a little more work into judging. The cookm teams have been upping the ante. The Judging should be following the same suit.
Trying not to complain so much here, and my team has had a fantastic run this year. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks about this, and if anyone knows a board member, please pass this along to them. Basically, I'm calling for better training in the judging area of KCBS. What do y'all think?

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