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Where's the Stump bin?

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Posted by StumpBaby on October 21, 2011 at 22:19:36:

Now I know I ain't been round for a long long time. I'm here tonight an I gotta say it's been a long long few years. As I sit here I'm recooperatin from a knee replacement operation. It hurts like you cannot believe, an that's on accounta I grew too much scar tiisue under there so that last week they put me out and snapped the leg through it's full range, poppin an snappin them scar tissues like you read about. I cannot even tell you how much it hurt for three days after that. Now, OK, so a single knee operation is won thing, but afoer that, in the past three years I done had 7 operations in all, replacin both of mine hips, fixin my knee once, then coming back and replacing it a year later. I got so sick of the pain in the middle of all this that I done had a pain pump put it. They make a pocket in your abdomen for a pump filled with morphine, then they run a wire round to your back, basically injecting that morphine full-time into my spine. That woulda worked fine, cept I bled like there is no tomorrow. They got it under control on the table, but I continued to bleed like you cannot believe. My belly was pure black and stckin out like a stepped on peeptode..after my doctor wanted to go and send me to a wound specialist I knew I was in trouble, two weeks later I had them rip that doggoned thing out.

That was just plain shagnasty and dangerous. I aint done yet I suppose, my other knee is prolly as bad as the won they just done, so I spect it'll be next. I thought mine hip operation was bad, but jeeesh...that knee is bad stuff. If'n they finish my legs it's time to git mine feet and hands fixed. They ain't knowing yet what is up with them yet, but they hurt like you would not believe, most times, mostly at night and inna morning is worse too. might be ra or sa they say, but nobdy seems to know ofr shore and fore now i gotta fix my bones anyway as they die and crumble on me..that i gess is more important on accounta mine feet and hands aren't cruumblin at all

I bin onna lotta medicines too, pain medicines mostly. It ain't good. You need to take so many pain meds that you start takin other medicines to care for the side effects for them other medicines, then you know you is in trouble. It's a big bucket of suck for sure.

Anyway, that's mostly why I been outta the forums and doin like no writin whatsoever, for a while. I gotta concentrate on keepin workin mostlty and when i aint working i gotta lay down mostly, or just keep calm and whatch tv or somethin, there aint a lotta stuff i can do. I don't do much cookin no more, when i do it's just short an small stuff, no real bbq, I can't really do much big stuff, can't carry big things really. I just recently got offa mine haff-crutches, cuz my new hips were healed up and my one knee is replaced two, so that mostly keeps one side up anna single cane keeps the other side up. That way I walk up right like normal folks dew again.

Ugh, its been a long three years and I aint outta the woods yet, but i'll get there in a year or so, they gotta replace my other knee and find whats wrong with my hands and feet, ankles and wrists. After that, if'n any more bones don't die on me, I can probally stop the pain meds and get my sorree behine back behine the smoker anna keyboard agin

If it's won thing I sorely miss, its bein the StumpBaby, and writin' silly things...lordy dont i misset two...

I'll get thhere though...or i just aint a stump am i?


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