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Re: hired guns (long/rant plus spoiler alert)

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Posted by Rodney on November 07, 2011 at 22:12:46:

In Reply to: Re: hired guns posted by Mich Mike on November 07, 2011 at 17:20:41:

This practice allows teams to accumulate points towards KCBS team of the year. Example: high dollar contest on Fri/Sat on the west coast and a well attended east coast event with a decent payout. Regular chief cook attends one and sends another someone else to cook as same team name to the other. If they both do well, it's more points towards the year end TOY, which translates to money and the ability to market their products or business. Example two: Team competes in a back to back event sanctioned by one sanctioning body while another team competes in a different event sanctioned by a different sanctioning body, this one KCBS. The team receives points towards TOY even though the chief cook didn't even cook the KCBS event.

Let's just get it out there folks. I believe that the original poster, while cowardly hiding behind an assumed name is raising an issue where Bubba (William Latimer cooked the Best of the Best Invitational and Open, while someone else cooked as Bubba's team at a KCBS sanctioned event and won it. So, without Bubba even being there, his team gained points towards the year end TOY standings. I'm using "team" loosely because I've only ever seen William and Shannon cook as Bubba-Q.

Here's the real issue ----> There is no KCBS rule against this practice. Until there is, somebody is always going to be finding the loop holes. As the money grows in competition barbecue, there is always going to be somebody looking to get a leg up on the competition and this is an example of it.

(my real name)

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