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Re: Team of the year vs Cook of the year

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Posted by Grizmt on November 08, 2011 at 17:29:48:

In Reply to: Team of the year vs Cook of the year posted by YankeeBBQ on November 08, 2011 at 16:22:09:

Facts: I've cooked with I Smell Smoke for almost 15 years with Doug, Charlie and Carlotta. Doug, Charlie and myself all know the program so anyone of us could cook a KCBS contest using the 'I Smell Smoke methods'

Question 1: If I can't make it to a contest because I have a wedding to attend or catering job or any number of reasons but the rest of the 'Team' can should we be eligible for KCBS TOY points ? I think we should be. It is called TEAM of the year.

Answer: Sure, if everyone but one is missing it "is" a team after all.

Question 2: If there are two contests in our area one with Saturday turn ins and the other with Sunday turn ins should we be allowed to split the team and get TOY points from both contests. I know of teams that have done this. Personally I don't like this practice but as far as I know it's not against the rules at this time. My team has never done this and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.

Answer: You could but for what it matters I think it's against the spirit of the events if not the spirit of the rules as well.

Question 3: If none of my regular team members can make it to a contest and we happen to be in the race for KCBS TOY should I be allowed to pay someone to compete for us and get TOY points. I have a real problem with this. Again I don't know that it's against the rules but I feel it's against the spirit of the TOY race.

Answer: No. Otherwise why not just create several "team franchises", compete in several orgs TOY races at one time and pretty much lock a Royal and Jack entry and pretty much take over the sport just from shear volume.

Question 4: If I'm the only member of my team that can make it to a contest is it ok for me to invite a head cook from another team to cook with me ? I feel it is ok but I also feel this might make me a hypocrite. I've enjoyed cooking with other people and I've never done it to gain points for TOY in fact it's never even been a consideration.

Answer: If there is one or two members missing from your team I can see getting someone to fill in BUT not as head cook or the only experienced cook on the team. Kind of like taking the person who normally just helps and doesn't have much of a part of the cooking and loading the rest of the team with real experienced people. That in my mind would be along the lines of question 3.

Question 5: If there is an invitational that I'm invited to but there is also a KCBS contest on the same weekend should I be allowed to split up the team and cook both contests ? I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I can see arguments for and against it.

Answer: Like you I can see both sides of that issue. On first blush I'd have to answer take the "is it against the rules" question out of it and ask yourself "does it feel like the right thing to do and within the spirit of competition?"

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