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Re: Team of the year vs Cook of the year

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Posted by Big Creek BBQ - Jeff on November 08, 2011 at 19:27:06:

In Reply to: Team of the year vs Cook of the year posted by YankeeBBQ on November 08, 2011 at 16:22:09:

As I am also running for the board, in a group that includes Steve, George Mullins and Dave Compton, I will weigh in on the questions Steve poses and answers himself.

My facts: Head cook for Big Creek BBQ which is simply myself, my wife and occasional help (when she's not too busy playing or cooking Kids Q) from our ten year old daughter. Stan Hays (County Line Smokers) got into competition BBQ through us and used to cook with us 5-6 times per year before going out on his own this year.

Question 1: If I can't make it to a contest because I have a wedding to attend or catering job or any number of reasons but the rest of the 'Team' can should we be eligible for KCBS TOY points ?

My Answer: Yes I do believe that should be the case. However, in our case, if there was a wedding or catering or ther event that kept us from competing ourselves, it's just us and Tammy would be there with me so Big Creek would remain on the competition sidelines that weekend.

Question 2: If there are two contests in our area one with Saturday turn ins and the other with Sunday turn ins, should we be allowed to split the team and get TOY points from both contests.

My answer: Again, two of us so it would never happen... we would both pack up and head to the second contest as soon as we could. The only way it could be different is if we had someone else go check in and set up our site and get meat inspected for us until we could arrive but all of the cooking would be us. However, with large teams who could do it with two separate groups, I don't think there should be a problem as long as turn in days were not the same and that the second team were regular members of the team.

Question 3: If none of my regular team members can make it to a contest and we happen to be in the race for KCBS TOY should I be allowed to pay someone to compete for us and get TOY points.

My answer: Currently, I don't believe this is against the rules but it should be. When it gets right down to it, as humans, we have our word and our integrity. I believe that this situation would violate any spirit of the rules and should not be allowed.

Question 4: If I'm the only member of my team that can make it to a contest is it ok for me to invite a head cook from another team to cook with me ?

My answer: I don't have a problem with this situation. I've been the invitee twice (note that both times were prior to my ever winning a GC in barbecue). AS long as the head cook or a regular member of the team is there cooking, I would think it should be fine.

Question 5: If there is an invitational that I'm invited to but there is also a KCBS contest on the same weekend should I be allowed to split up the team and cook both contests ?

My answer: As invitationals are not allowed to count towards TOY points, I don't see a problem with this as long as regular team members are on each team.

I have, on occasion, hooked up with another cook who is a close friend of mine but MOST times we have done this, we've cooked as a different team name (Sloppy's Backwoods Cookers + Big Creek BBQ is Sloppy Creek BBQ). Also cooked with three others as "Barking Spiders BBQ" in 2009. I enjoy cooking with others and would not want to make it a situation where I'm using the situation to advance my TOY efforts. We do it for fun.

With the upcoming new KCBS scoring software, we not only need to track CBJs but we also need to track teams and who's cooking with them by somehow utilizing team numbers and cook numbers for all team members. The new software must have a lot of solid functionality to accomplish the things we need to do to improve the KCBS and ensure that as money grows in this sport that we are all playing fairly and with integrity.

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