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BBQ and Charity?

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Posted by Grizmt on November 09, 2011 at 07:57:10:

Let me start this out by saying I know there's a lot of big hearts and very generous BBQ people/organizers out there who selflessly step up all the time. With that being said, after watching a news show on charities (both good and crooked) which tend to really step up their pleas this time of year I've got a couple of questions when it comes to BBQ.

Most of the events we've been to have been billed as charity events. Usually the events allow Peoples Choice aka "2oz samples" to be sold with half the money going back to the promoter to be given to the charity.
A couple of things I've been wondering about.
First, out of the money that is collected, is all of it given to the charities or is it less expenses or? I've never,ever seen and only rarely heard how much an event raised and then gave to the charity. Usually when you see a fundraiser there is a total given at the end and at least a check (if not a jumbo one) presented highlighting the charity and what was raised in their name.

Second, should the organizers of the events acknowledge that it's the teams that raised the money and not the organizer alone? I keep hearing "I've given X amount to charity this year" where I think it should be "the TEAMS have given X amount this year" since y'all buy the product, cook it, provide all the labor/time to sell it and in some cases provide the cups and napkins as well.

Third, should the organizer provide a charity receipt for the amount you gave them so you can deduct it from your taxes? Not only would it keep things up front and above board but could amount to several thousand dollars in rightful deductions due you for the year.
Just wondering as the Christmas season draws near.

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