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Re: hired guns

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Posted by truebud bbq on November 09, 2011 at 20:01:31:

In Reply to: Re: hired guns posted by Bub-Ba-Q on November 08, 2011 at 20:07:03:

Congrats on your move into 1st place in Ribs (TOY) Yes you did pass my team up in Ribs as we were 1st until last weekend... was I disappointed? hell ya but because of how well we have done and how we got there. May even said that lucky SOB a few times about you but all in good nature. The competitiveness in me, as in all of us wants to be number 1. Made me want to travel to win it back... Then I find out this little story...Maybe you could shed the light on a few things for me... If im wrong let me know. If im not I just ask you to think about what im saying...
So you claim Jarrod is a member of your team. Jarrod is a registered KCBS member. Good. First thing I looked at was the team members on your BBQ team. He's not there. What you donít list is that he is in fact the head cook of another team. Bub-Ba-Q Too?
Where I cook, teams know each other by the team and who cooks the team. Everyone that knows TRUEBUD BBQ, knows the team cooking in that black trailer. With you, your intentions are more about promoting your business you say. Its not about your personal skills, your ability to win, but just that your business is promoted. I believe that you are a good cook, donít get me wrong, but what your doing isnít fair to us that do pride ourselves by giving our team a name and being proud of what that name represents. If you want to promote your BBQ, then do it. Its called advertising like all the rest of the guys do it. Hanging a sign that says 'sponsored by' does the trick. Iím sure you know Oklahoma Joes... All of Jeff's workers, managers,etc cook on teams but under their own team names. There is never question that OK Joes food is good and everyone sees Jeff as a leader. There is only one Slaughterhouse Five and if he's listed in a contest, he's in the tent. Your example of a trade show is exactly my point of how you view KCBS and BBQ. To you its a business, you have pointed that out and also the reason you donít understand why others would be upset at what youíve done. To me and 99% of all other cooks out there its not a business. Its about being the best at what you do and showing others how proud you are of it... maybe thatís just how I was raised. To me its disappointing because you took the fun out of the competition of being number #1 and the sweat and blood it takes to get to that level. I want to win because of a race I ran, not because of something that someone did for me. ....Tim Grant, Head Chef...TRUEBUD BBQ

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