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Re: hired guns

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Posted by Bub-Ba-Q on November 10, 2011 at 09:20:51:

In Reply to: Re: hired guns posted by truebud bbq on November 09, 2011 at 20:01:31:


let me clear a few things up here. I have the utmost respect for anybody out there. I have been in the trenches and worked my way up. You say that it is all about promoting my business and not my skills, your are dead wrong there. Yes I am promoting my business, but what you and plenty of others do not see is the time and effort that i put into keeping my skills and ability. I do not claim to be the best by no means and would never do so. I do know what I am doing just like plenty of other people. We win some and lose some and are happy for anybody that walks or wins. We all put forth a lot of money and effort, whether it be a seasoned team or brand new. I have helped plenty of people out with tips and techniques, the door has swung both ways.

Now as far as Jarrod, he has been cooking with me for over two years, seems plenty of people do not recall that. And it does make me proud that I have been able use my SKILLS and ABILITY to train him, just as anybody that has taken my class or gave other assistance to. The only time he cooked as Bub-Ba-Q was in the Sam's event, which I never tried to hide anything like many others did. You know it is funny, if Jarrod was out there losing his azz, nobody would have anything to say except what a moron I am for spending the money.

I am not sure what line of work your are in, but I do have a little business sense. Yes I am going to advertise my business, maybe we have different ideas of how that works. I can tell you that I prob spend more on advertising than most people make, and that is by no means to disrespect anybody. I have paid my dues in the trenches with blood sweat an tears, literally and I am sure you have too. I want to win just like you and everybody else.

Sorry we took the spot in ribs, but that is how it goes. I know Scott would be upset too if he got knocked out of chicken. But it is competition.

As far as I am concerned, we can agree to disagree. For those of you that think I am a cheater, unethical or showing you disrespect it is disappointing and I guess you will have to get over it. Maybe the next time somebody wants help or advice then I will have to say no. I do love the BBQ family and am very proud to be involved in it and want nothing ore for it to grow and everybody prosper, whether it be money or friendship.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I will be happy to talk to anybody about this if they want. Again my number is six seven eight seven seven seven nine zero three eight.


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