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Poll question and other posts bring up conduct ???

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Posted by Az bbq'r on November 12, 2011 at 07:33:57:

Sorry about the nmsg on the first one, my boyfriend typed that when I walked away for a minute.

After overhearing many conversations at bbq events and talking with some of the teams especially from a few who like to brag about what they and others are doing there's been a common and upsetting theme at least to me. I wondered if it would concern the rest of the barbecue world and how to fix it so bbq becomes fun once again and less a Peyton Place.

Here's the thing, constant bbq drama here all in the name of power and money, mostly money. Teams backstabbing other teams by taking free entries in exchange for doing what the giving promoter tells them to, some of it above board and some not so much like these teams threatening promoters of other events that they will boycott their event if they don't ban this team or that team or pumping up events they know or have a good idea are not going to be as advertised. Think it can't happen? I've seen it.

Promoters backstabbing each other trying to destroy each others events or at least trying to appear that they are by telling teams not to enter each others contests, hinting that if they do there could be bad consequences but then these people hang out like buddies? People see this stuff and while they may not say anything at the time they do talk later.
There's lots of suspicions that some are playing fast and free with charity money since there is no idea what is done with it for sure which I see was mentioned in another post on this board.

Promoters being banned by KCBS for cause only to have their silent partner take over where it was left off and nothing really changed.

Then there are people who've been fighting a battle on the forums which is sad and many wish would stop but I am afraid until all this mess is cleaned up it will not. I guess people will fight with whatever tools they have available.
People here continually profess to being part of a bbq family, well if that's true Dad needs to step in for the good of the family and put some people in a time out or ground them for a while until they stop what they're doing and follow the ethics and spirit of the KCBS family instead of allowing greed and ego to run things.

All this is doing is causing people not to enter and having to either leave the state or not compete. It also tarnishes the good promotors as well lowering their attendance. Another thing, it seems to be costing KCBS by members who refuse to renew and tell others not to bother to join due to all the shenanigans going on here.

Thanks for listening, and thanks to Ray for having the open forum.

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